The Main Causes Of Work Injuries

The Main Causes Of Work Injuries

Regardless of how attentive you might be about observing safety and health rules on the job, workplace injuries can always happen. Some of these injuries can lead to hospitalization or death, depending on the type or cause of injury. Well, here are some of the common causes of workplace injuries in any organization.

1.    Fatigue
Are you pushing yourself too hard? Are you working beyond the standard hours? Are you doing much more workload than is expected of you? Well, you are at risk of mental and physical exhaustion that can lead to slower reflexes, poor judgment and also inattention to instructions or details. If these things happen when you are operating heavy machinery, then you might suffer a terrible workplace injury.

2.    Stress
There are many things that can stress you about your job. For instance, are you worried about your finances, job security, personal relationships or more? Well, if you are stressed, your mind is more likely to make mistakes that could lead to serious injury while in the work place. On the other hand, you can suffer serious health complications such as hypertension, stroke or cardiovascular problems.

3.    Slips, Trips And Falls
The office kitchens and break rooms are some of the areas in the workplace where you are vulnerable to a workplace injury from a slip, trip or fall. That’s because, these places have many liquids stored or in use at all times. On the other hand, floors made out of hardwood, tiles or linoleum are slippery after being mopped or waxed and that’s where most slips happen.

On the other hand, items on a high traffic area such as extension cords that are stored poorly can lead to trips for both employees and clients. The same goes for carpeting that has come loose as well as poorly lit stairs and hallways. Therefore, if you notice any liquids or poorly stored items, you need to correct the issue immediately, to prevent workplace injuries that might require a lot of medical attention.

4.    Toppling or Falling Objects
If items such as furniture, bookcases or filing cabinets are not secured safely, they can be dislodged by any movement such as earthquakes. Therefore, the toppling objects would place any employee or client nearby at risk. The same goes for heavy objects or supplies that are stacked too high and are bumped accidentally. To prevent these mistakes, make sure that all the movable furniture in the office is secured safely and all the stacked supplies are stored safely.

5.    Hazardous Materials
Do you work in a company that deals with dangerous or hazardous chemicals? Well, when handling these materials, you should always have protective clothing such as protective eye wear, gloves and protective clothing. The employer should always provide these safety clothing to make sure that all the employees are safe. However, there is always the risk of a slip or fall that might bring you into contact with the dangerous chemicals. If that happens, you need to be given immediate medical care to prevent further complications.


If you have suffered an injury at work you should seek assistance from a workers compensation lawyer who will be able to assist you in making a claim to cover your medical expenses, loss of income and damages for your pain and suffering.